Tuesday Novice Day  11-12:30.

Friday Novice Day  noon - 1:30

Skills improvement and Play for novices.  Sign up with Tennis & Pickleball Center desk. (970) 879-8400. Newcomers and lower intermediates need to turn out to keep these extra sessions that includes skills drill and play on the schedule. $15.

Steamboat Springs 2nd Annual Western Slope Tournament!

Players from all over the State of Colorado and neighboring states gathered in Steamboat Springs this last weekend for a fun, but highly competitive two days of Round Robin and Double Elimination Pickleball play! Eight outdoor courts and eight indoor courts were used for both days format.

Saturday temp’s were in the low 90's as players battled high altitude fatigue going into their 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th matches of the day in Mixed Competition!  Here are your CHAMPIONS in four divisons. 3.0, 3.5 , 4.0, 4.5.

3.0 Mixed Doubles:                                          3.5 Mixed Doubles:

Gold:      Blair Picard / Kathy Nichols                              Gold:    Jim Mathre / Laurie Folladori

Silver:    Allan Reishus / Tammy Frawley                        Silver:   Jason Hart / Marcia Richards

Bronze:   Jeannie and Santino Antonnucci                    Bronze: Kay Redding / Dave Thornsby

4.0 Mixed Doubles:                                                        4.5 Mixed Doubles:

Gold:    Jason Dudley / Teresa Errington                        Gold:    Casey Fritz / Laurie Buelow

Silver:   Bryan Anderson / Christy Maron                       Silver:   Tanner Vann / Rachel Oxenden

Bronze: Steve Wolfe / Claudia Dausman                       Bronze:  Jim and Noni Peterson

Sunday’s Men’s and Women’s Doubles competition started out with a beautiful sky of colorful Hot Air Balloons floating over the courts!  Perfect timing as our United States National Anthem was sung while a U.S.A FLAG hot air balloon canopy hovered over the courts.

Players were treated to a cooler day with overcast and the hint of rain in the forecast. But the cooler temps did not stop the heat on the courts as Men’s and Women’s doubles teams battled for points in early Round Robin play and a chance to get the top seeds for the afternoon Double Elimination bracket! 

Here are your Men’s and Women’s Doubles team Champions!

3.0 Women:                                                                        3.5 Women:

Gold:    Julie Howell / Kathy Nichols                                   Gold:    Laurie Folladori / Amy Gibson

Silver:   Cathy Brideau / Arlene Zopf                                   Silver:   Marcia Richards / Debbie Johnson

Bronze: Debbie Ratliff / Lynn Weatherby                            Bronze: Jean Baer / Betsy Ventura


3.5 Men:                                                    4.0 Women:                                                     4.0  Men:

Gold:   Dan Hopkins / Joe Weatherby     Gold: Wendy Rexroth / Julie Schwerin     Gold: Pete Bergmann/ Bruce Gregg 

Silver:   Jerry Green / Gerry Cashman    Silver: Teresa Errington / Hui Hui Zhang   Silver: Rick Garth/ Gary Fey

Bronze: Blair Picard / Don Ciaverra        Bronze: Darlene Friedrichs / Kay Redding   Bronze: Jason Hart / Scott Grant


 4.5 Women:                                                                   4.5 Men:

Gold:     Cheri Fritz / Laurie Buelow                              Gold:      Dave Brown / Tom Scimeca

Silver:    Rachel Oxenden / Elizabeth Westmark           Silver:    Chris Branson / Dave Redding

Bronze: Bonnie Scott / Christy Maron                           Bronze: Scott Campbell / Casey Fritz

** Congratulations to ALL Players for displaying good Sportsmanship, quality play and fun, competitive games to watch.  And a big THANK YOU to Bill and Loretta Conway, SSTA, to  SSPA, Terry Doherty, and all the generous volunteers who made this tournament a success!  The Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association provided a first class venue for the players with 16 beautiful courts, a breakfast bar and lunch both days, juice, gatorade, cold beer and nice medals. 

Sincerely, Orlie and Susan Carpio/ Tournament Directors:

Northern Front Range Pickleball, Eaton, Colorado 80631

First-Timers Clinic        Registration Form

​​Intro to Pickleball, First-Timers Clinic - January 5

  • Saturday, Noon - 2 PM at the Tennis Center
  • Check in at Court 5
  • Learn the game with other newcomers 
  • Please register using the form to the right.  Remember to hit Submit before closing your browser
  • Fee $10
  • ​Wear non-marking court shoes
  • Equipment provided


Pickleball Fundraising tournament

  • December 8 and 9 
  • Proceeds go to the endowment fund
  • 4 Levels: 2.5 through 4.0 and co-ed
  • Any mix of men and women
  • Lunch provided
  • Enter drawings for new Paddletek paddle, free lesson with Sean and more
  • Registration deadline: Dec. 2 (click here for pdf registration form to print)
  • Fee: $40/person

Pickleball beginner and intermediate lessons provided by Sean Pummill of the Tennis Center (group or private)


Call the Tennis Center at 970-879-8400 or  email:  steamboatpb1@gmail.com    

Fridays:  Beginner Drills 9 - 10:30 AM,  Intermediate drills: 10:30 - noon  $20

Sunday Refresher Drills: noon - 1:30 pm   $20