Step 2

Membership Fee

Step 1

  1.  Please fill out all information below to apply for membership in the Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association.  This application is an online form and is not downloadable.   Membership fee through June of each year is currently $50 per individual.    If two people are joining, please fill out an application form separately.  Please click on the Submit button after filling out each form. This will automatically send your membership information to us for recording in our members file and for updating the Tennis Center.  The application form and the payment require two separate actions.  Also, please wait a few seconds to close your browser after hitting the SUBMIT button, to allow the form to be transmitted.
  2. In the dropdown box for payment on the right "Buy Now", you may choose to pay for one or two memberships.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature -- it accepts all major credit cards as well.  Memberships will be activated as soon as we receive the application form and notice of payment, usually within 24 hours.