Looking to renew your annual membership? (for members only- due no later than June 30):  See "Current Members" page.  

       Updates: ​​​​​​

      • SSPA Annual Membership Meeting, Sunday, June 24 at 5 PM (time/place change due to conflict with tennis tournament) at Rex's.
      • Intro to Pickleball First-timers Clinic - June 23, 11AM-1 PM.  See Events page for details and registration
      • Time Change for Open Play - responding to player requests for an earlier start time (to beat the heat), open play on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will begin at 8 AM - beginning Saturday June 9. Check Schedule for details
      • ​2nd Annual Western Slope Pickleball Tournament at Steamboat, July 14-15. Normal PB format this year!   See Events page for registration form.  Volunteers are needed for this SSPA fund-raiser​​.  Details here.

                            Now that the SSPA no longer has to deal with the day-to-day public pickleball play scheduling, volunteering, and
      coordination, members can focus on fundraising and special events. The upcoming 2nd annual Western Slope 
      Pickleball Tournament scheduled for the weekend of July 14-15 would be an excellent opportunity to "get your feet wet"!

      • JUNE Membership Renewals - annual membership expires on June 30, 2018.  Renewal is available here or at the tennis center front desk.  Note:  check the member roster for updates on your renewal date.  A new column has been added to show your next renewal date (current renewals highlighted in green).  
      • The Tennis Center at Steamboat is now managing open play with Sean Pummill in charge.  
        • Sign-in is required (as always) and available outdoors under the small canopy near court 8.
        • Outstanding punches on existing punch cards will be honored by the tennis center through June 15.  (Past that date watch for notices from SSPA regarding how we will address any unused punches)
        •  Fees for open play: SSPA Members $6, non-members $10
        • The tennis center highly recommends that members keep either a credit card on file or cash payment on file ($60, $120...) for ease and efficiency of paying for play.  Contact the front desk for questions or instructions on accessing your account online.
        • Membership may also be paid for or renewed at the tennis center front desk (as well as on this website). 
        • Check  Current Members page for instructions on accessing your account at the Tennis Center​​
      • Outdoor play and  bad weather:
        • ​If it is possible to move indoors (space permitting) we may request that after arriving at the tennis center.  However this is not automatic as there may be previously scheduled events indoors.  Check weather before arriving for open play
      • Clinic with Scott Moore - June 29 or 30.  See Eventsfor details
      • IFP Skill Level Descriptions (for self-rating)
      • Upcoming Tournaments (click here for info)
      • ​Changes with Tennis Center - Memorandum of Understanding
        • ​​Chart referenced in MOU (Note: Medallions are valid for private play only, not for open play sessions)

      Whether you've never heard of the game, are just getting started, need to hone your skills, or enjoy advanced play, Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association (SSPA) has something for everyone.  New to pickleball in Steamboat Springs?  Click here for an introduction to our open play sessions.

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